Documents Checklist

Documents Checklist

    1. Authorization FormDownload Here


    1. E-Application FormDownload Here


  1. Proof of Identity / Citizenship
    1. For Singapore Citizen: Identity Card Photocopy front and back
    2. For Singapore Permanent Resident: Singapore Blue Identity Card Photocopy front and back
    3. For Non-Citizen: Passport
  2. Proof of Relationship and Marital Status
    1. Birth Certificates (to prove relationship between Parents / Children, Siblings etc/); and / or
    2. Marriage Certificate; and / or
    3. Divorce Documents (for person who are divorced; and / or
    4. Deed of Separation (for persons who are legally separated); and / or
    5. Death Certificate (if Applicable)
  3. Proof of Income
    1. Employed Person
      1. Original Payslip (as at date of application); or
      2. Income letter from employer as at date of application (which must bear either the company’s letterhead or stamp and the name and designation of signatory) stating the current gross income of the employed person.
    2. Self-Employed Person
      1. Latest income tax assessment; or
      2. Statement of Annual Account certified by an Audit Firm income for the Past 12 months; and
      3. Valid Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Computer Information (Business Profile) / Valid License of Business / trade; and
      4. Statutory Declaration* to declare the average monthly income for the past 12 months
        * Statutory Declaration may be executed at the Sales Office at HDB Hub or at any HDB Branch Office
    3. Commission-based Person
      1. 12 months commission statement / payslips as at date of application; or 2 years Notice of Assessment (NOA)
      2. Letter from employer stating past 12 months’ commissions as at date of application (which must bear either the company’s Letterhead or Stamp and the name and designation of the signatory)
  4. Forms and Undertakings
    1. The applicant, his spouse or essential occupier listed in the Executive Condominium application shall be required to sign all such forms, letters of Consent, letters of undertaking, letter of confirmation, and such other documents (“the documents”) as may be required by the developer / HDB in order to determine their eligibility to purchase an Executive Condominium unit
    2. The documents shall form an integral part of the Terms and Conditions for purchase of an Executive Condominium Unit and any reference to a term of condition in the documents shall be a Term and Condition for Purchase of an Executive Condominium Unit
    3. Failure or refusal to sign any of the documents may render a person ineligible to purchase an Executive Condominium unit and the consequences set out in the Option to Purchase and Sale and Purchase Agreement (If this has been signed) will apply. Further, HDB may take such action as it is empowered to take under the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme Act (Cap 99A) and its Rules and Regulations
    4. HDB’s prevailing policies, roles and regulations which may be in force from time to time shall apply at all times. All decisions reached in this regard shall be at HDB’s sole discretion and shall be final and conclusive
  5. Other Documents
    1. Applicants must also produce such other documents as requested by the Developer / HDB for the purpose of ascertaining their eligibility to buy an Executive Condominium Unit
    2. All documents submitted to the Developer for the purpose of assessing the eligibility of the applicants will be retained by the Developer for record purposes and will be treated by the Developer as strictly confidential. The documents will not be returned to any of the persons listed in the application
    3. In the event of any change in the applicant’s family nucleus, as a result , for example, of events such as marriage, death, divorce or separation of any person listed in the application, the applicant must produce the relevant documents (e.g. marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce documents, Deed of Separation etc) to the Developer or HDB. This is to enable the Developer and / or HDB to reassess and reconfirm the applicant’s eligibility to continue with the purchase of an Executive Condominium Unit



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