Piermont Grand

Sumang Walk, Piermont Grand EC, Singapore


Executive Condominium


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12th July Fri to 22nd July Mon 2019

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27th July 2019

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If you a Singaporean, these are the 5 benefits why you should be excited about Piermont Grand!

1) Be part of the Punggol Digital District

Piermont Grand Executive Condominium, the only EC launching in 2019. It is located in a location where you will find a waterfront living environment, seamless transportation connectivity and in a new town with so many exciting facilities coming to their vicinity. Yes, it is in Punggol. But most importantly Punggol is a new town that is transforming into a Digital District. Take a look at the video below to know more about Punggol Digital District and how it’s SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology) and Creative Cluster will change the skyline of Punggol. I am sure you will begin to feel excited that you are able to be part of these transformations.

Taken reference from JTC Corp

2) Be there when the 4th Regional Centre at Seletar is ready

If you have not heard, Seletar is going to be our 4th Regional Center! If you had seen many roads being built, many new factories like Rolls Royce Regional Hub setting up or commercialised our Seletar Airport. Yup, they are in the mids of creating Seletar to a Regional Center for Aerospace Industries. And Punggol is right beside it.

This latest regional centre in years to come could prove to be the most successful of all 4 regional centres (Which is Jurong, Tampines, Woodlands and Seletar). It has the advantage of having two main employment regions right beside it – the Seletar Aerospace Park and Sengkang West Industrial Park. With Rolls Royce, Eurocopter and even ST Aerospace already based here, Seletar Aerospace Park is all ready for phase 3 of its a development which will be creating another 10,000 jobs! Which the majority will be a highly skilled workforce. This will help to supply tenants to its neighbouring towns. Just look at Jurong, if you are an investor, will you choose to go Jurong Regional Centre when it is established or now?


3) Luxurious & Quality Assurance

Piermont Grand Executive Condominium is the latest addition to City Development Limited (CDL) and TID’s exceptional portfolio of luxurious developments. With more than 50 years of experiences creating beautiful homes and offices. They have received multiple awards for the recognition for their superb luxurious quality. Every owner of a Piermont Grand EC home is guaranteed to have 100% satisfaction in quality and experience.


4) Rare EC With Waterfront Living Lifestyle

In an urban jungle like Singapore, I believe most of us will be very happy if you can see some water or trees when you look out of your balcony. I am not referring to the trees along the road or the “Long Kang” or drain. I am talking about billing dollar Punggol Waterway and maybe even the sea! Piermont Grand is located right beside the Punggol Waterway and if you have missed your chance to one a unit at The Terrace, now is your opportunity again! If you cannot imagine how is it like to stay beside the Waterway, just stroll along The Terrace.


5) An Easier Path For First Timers & HDB Owners To Upgrade To A Private Property

It is most Singaporean’s dream to upgrade to a Private Property. Whether it is to give our family better living standards or just for that status, it seems to be getting more difficult to do so these few years when our Government introducing cooling measures and the price gap between HDB and Private widen. For some, the dream to own a private property seem to drift further away.

In order to help its citizen to fulfil their dream. HDB has introduced Executive Condominium. A hybrid between an HDB and a Private Condominium which is more affordable and some rules relaxed to help HDB owners to upgrade to one.

For example

  • Executive Condominium being a hybrid of HDB and Private Condominium, their price is usually about 15% to 20% lower in price than neighboring private condominium. This makes it more affordable and lesser upfront capital need to own one. Furthermore, if you are a first-timer, you may even get up to $30,000 in CPF Grant to help you with your downpayment!
  • HDB Owners do not need to pay Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) when they buy an EC even if they own an HDB currently. Compare to buying a Private Property which HDB Owners need to either sell their HDB before buying or pay 12% ABSD (For second property). Which the upgraders need to add easily another $120,000 to their upfront capital required. However, if the private property is your matrimonial home, you can claim back the ABSD after you sold your flat within 6 months from TOP or resale completion. Taking that you can save $2000 a month, means you need another 5 years to save that $120,000! If the property market goes up, means you need to pay more for that same property too. Not forgetting your age. As we cross 35 years old, our loan tenure gets shorter every year, and our instalment gets higher. But do take note, HDB upgraders will need to pay a Resale Levy when they purchase an EC.
  • HDB upgraders do not need to set aside CPF Basic Minimum Sum in their CPF before they can use the balance to pay for their EC. That means you can have additional funds up to $88,000 (For 2019) in CPF funds to help you finance or lower your loan when you buy EC.
  • The deferred payment scheme is available only for EC. This is to ease the financial stress of HDB upgraders so they do not need to finance both mortgage loans at the same time.

Check Your Eligibility

I believe by now you should have to understand the benefits of buying an Executive Condominium and why Piermont Grant is the one you should take action to apply now! However, an EC has a strict set of requirements you need to fulfil before you can apply one. Click “Eligibility Conditions” to find out more!

Alternatively, just fill in the form below and chat with us! We can advise if you are eligible to apply for Piermont Grand EC.

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