How to buy an Executive Condominium

Executive Condominium Buying Guide

Who doesn’t want to possess ‘a corner of one’s own’ in this far-flung earth? Every heart lurks for a princely home. So if you are planning to invest in property why not buy executive condominium in Singapore. As executive condominium launches in Singapore, there are a lot of options open to choose the best one. In the present era people want luxurious home with all the top-notch facilities and builders are obliged to cater to their needs. But don’t make a haste, look high and low to get your dream accommodation before investing your precious money on it. There are some tips by following which you can have an executive condo.

Pros and cons

First you should know why to buy a condo and what the advantages of buying a condo are. A condominium renders more facilities in comparison to flat and apartments. Most of the condos are developed to fulfil people’s luxurious needs. Safety is concerned more in a condo with guards, doormen and doors at the entry. People feel safer within the premises. There is no need to worry about the extra stuffs of cleaning, plumbing and other maintenance and services. There are other people in condos to give you a feeling of homely neighbourhood.

Money matters

Decide the budget and money range and then look for the right choice. With the rise in the number of executive condominium for sale you have a number of lavish options in an affordable price. So get the best of what you are spending.


Make a research of all the options available including price, facilities, locality, design, amenities, and transportation facilities. Take help of the internet or any friend who has just acquired a condo. But do make a visit to different sites and rely on the visual communication. By visiting the different condos you will get a chance to scrutinise your habitat.


Though Singapore condos are renowned for their magnificent location but then too have a look of the neighbourhood. Some of the executive condominium provides seaside location where you can have the astounding beauty of the colossal sea. Nothing is more worthy than having a view of the rising sun over the horizon of the sea. Also get assured of the presence of schools and hospitals in the proximity of it.


Confirm all the amenities before buying. There are a lot of facilities to make your living more and more deluxe. Check for gym, swimming pool, running track, clubs, parking place, security lobbies, elevators, interiors, floor plans. Developers make all efforts to dispose these elements. Make sure of the maximum numbers of it to make a good bargain.

Hire an agent

If you are getting confused in the whirls of options don’t bang your head and get the assistance of a real estate agent. No doubt s/he can help you to identify the best executive condominium in Singapore to buy. S/he can also tell you the capital appreciation of the property in the coming year. You will also get to know about rules and regulations concerning ownerships. S/he can also negotiate for you to make a profitable investment.